Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Tried...

The Wise Yoda once said "Do or do not, there is no try."

Well, I tried. Guess that's a failure on my part.

I think about this quote a lot. Probably more than I reasonably should. I suppose you could see "try" as putting forth some amount of effort, but not the true amount of effort that you could if you knew the end result were only absolutely success or failure.

Yet I keep trying. I don't believe in absolutes. There is always some grey area. I'll keep trying to explain what I mean... I mean, I will do my best to explain what I mean. Do or do not...

Missing Too Little or Too Much?

Have you ever asked yourself, what am I missing? Perhaps it's more that our lives are so full as they are that we lose sight of what things are really important. Life today is an overload of things, concerns, worries... there are certainly still joys, entertainments, and good moments, but after awhile it seems we are missing too much of the positive and drowning in an ocean of negatives. Are we simply missing on where to draw the positive from?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Absence and the reason for it

It has been all too long, my lovelies. I have had a life altering experience these past few months and decided to stay offline for its duration. I'm not quite sure how to go about describing it just yet, but I do need to return to express some things that have been rather difficult for me to do recently.

I will return soon.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NFL Admits Mistake with Husain Abdullah Penalty

You see that thing about the Chiefs player, safety Husain Abdullah, getting a 15-yard “un-sportsman-like conduct” penalty for his prayer in the end zone? Like, what the eff? Seriously, refs? Abdullah is well known to be a devout Muslim, and he had indeed before promised that if he ever picked off a pass and returned it for a touchdown, he would “prostrate before God in the end zone.”

To be honest, the penalty probably only happened because it was a Monday Night Football game. Because you know, we don't have religious freedom in America. And the media and referees love the New England Patriots and didn’t want the almighty Pats being shown up. I’m a Patriots fan and I was perfectly okay with Abdullah keeping his promise to his Lord.

The NFL doesn't need any more controversy. He did something perfectly OK with me. It’s not like he did anything negative. The NFL didn't fine him or anything. It was an in-game "un-sportsman-like conduct" call, just a 15 yard penalty assessed on the kickoff. But it’s the very concept behind calling it. For years, you've seen players praise God after great plays. This is no different.

Actually, thankfully, the NFL did respond the right way to the incident...

Read the rest of "NFL Admits Mistake with Husain Abdullah Penalty" on Sports Break!

Understanding and Working on Self-Awareness

When I think about what it means to work on Self-Awareness, it's about the ability to be aware how and why you make particular choices in response to certain things. As I've noted before in my introduction to the seven ideos, it’s about learning what your triggers are, and it's not necessarily learning how to prevent whatever those triggers are. The idea is to learn how to better react to certain situations or how not to react to them at all. But without simply focusing on the negative triggers, you always want to consider what you react positively to, as well. It's figuring out how to balance yourself in a way that you can have a cool approach to everything.

Tempering Your Expectations

One thing that might sound a bit odd at first is that you can actually react too positively to something. Many times in my life I have looked forward to a particular event, whether that be a new show being aired or some big new project being given to me that can net me lots of money.

Well, sometimes that show ends up being a let-down and then you react quite negatively to that disappointment. I'm fairly picky in what I watch, so my disappointment is usually kept to a minimum. But some people really get bent out of shape when their expectations are let down. Fortunately, this is an area that myself I consider that I have a strength. I tend to keep my expectations of television shows and movies to a minimum.

I will go into a film without many preconceptions, which is why I tend to avoid reviews - especially ones with spoilers - before actually viewing anything. It's not that spoilers will necessarily ruin the viewing experience for me, but then I will go into the viewing with more precise expectations than I would have otherwise. Understanding how you handle expectations is one of the first things to do when working on your self-awareness skills. Because now that I've shown you a strength, I will show you a weakness when it comes to my expectations.

Understanding Your Circumstances and Putting Them in the Correct Perspective

As I've worked in freelance writing for some time, I can tell you that many times you're going to have projects fall through for one reason or another. Truthfully, the only expectation that I have with a project is that it will pay me money. I've taken far less in rate pay oftentimes just to get work and this often leaves me feeling like I'm giving away more of myself than I should. Well, if I'm so well-aware that I'm short-changing myself, then why do I do it? Because I have long had the expectation that if I ask too much, I won't get the project. If I ask too little, people will wonder why I'm doing it so cheaply and have the same reaction.

Perhaps I should give a more concrete example. At this moment, I have a pretty big website project that I will be helping someone complete. It's moving an entire website from one platform to another, the latter which the client of mine is more familiar with. But my client is completely redoing his client's website and needs it to be in this other platform because it's what he's more familiar with. This works for me because I'm also well-versed in the platform that the site is being moved into. I have expectations of how easily I can transfer the content and how long that will take me. I have a certain idea how much I will be compensated for that and can adjust any other work that I do accordingly to give myself the most flexibility in completing this rather large project.

But when this project will start I am not entirely certain. The problem is that there's been a serious lull in work for me lately, which is part of the reason why I've been so into personal blogging, something that I dabble in from time to time but not on the full-time basis in which I suddenly have found myself participating. I'm well-aware that I'm afraid of the entire project suddenly evaporating - a fear that I'm not proud to admit that I have. But I have had plenty of past experiences where work was offered and I either mulled over it too long or I didn't really offer much enthusiasm and lost the work. But this isn't that. I'm very enthusiastic because this is going to be relatively easy work for me - it's just going to be extremely time-consuming. As you'll learn in freelance, though, as I work for an hourly rate most of the time and not a flat rate - the more time-consuming the better.

At least I am aware of how I am handling a particular situation. Obviously I should not be banking on this one opportunity, but pickings are so slim right now, as this tends to be the slow season for freelance content work until the holiday season really picks up. You would think there was more call for Halloween content, actually. But of course, the holidays I'm talking about are the ones where you buy a lot of presents that no one really wants anyway. Perhaps I should have made self-control part of the ideos, but Self-Awareness I think can serve as an umbrella for that concept.

Being Aware When Things Are Getting Off-Track

OK, now I've really gotten off-track. See, even I have to work on self-expression! But see, I'm also aware that I get distracted and off-topic from time to time. Was it really that off-topic? Perhaps not. I'm aware of how important a project is to me based on when it is being offered. The other work available to me right now is not all that lucrative to the point that I'm shunning the few measly dollars I'd earn in order to produce this series. I've had a lot of "failed" projects, too, recently. You don't always win and how you deal with failure is going to be discussed a lot when we get to Self-Forgiveness - that's going to be quite a doozy to talk about! That's the one I'm most aware of needing the help on.

So sorry for being a bit scatter-brained about Self-Awareness today, but as you can see, I'm aware of a lot of my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to my understanding of how things affect me. My meanderings around this article were not intentional but are being left intact to demonstrate that I myself have a long way to go in better learning how to self-express - something I claim I'm super good at. But if I meander that much, well I guess a bit more focus is in order!

I really meant to focus on the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of decision making and how aware you are of these things. How have you made some decisions today? Have they been more from the heart or your head? Or did you do something just because you needed a lift?

Trust me, every day, I need to write to satisfy all three. At least I'm strongly aware of that much!

- Ami <3

Photo credit: Pixabay, public domain

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Open for H.U.G.S!

Who doesn't like hugs? OK, there are some out there who don't like hugs much at all - feels that they are a violation of their personal space. Actually, hugs have been scientifically proven to be good for your well-being. But when I say I am open to H.U.G.S, I'm not just talking about physical cuddly embraces.

Recently, I've been watching a lot of my good friends and their friends struggle through some pretty awful hardships. A lot of them, obviously, are far out of the reach of my loving tender arms, so I need some way to be able to bring virtual hugs of a sort to them. As my clever head seems to do, I come up with a lot of acronyms. I don't know how it came to me, but I started thinking of the phrase Humans Undergoing Great Stresses. I think it needs a bit of refining, but let's be honest. I wouldn't have thought it up were I to think it weren't totally necessary. But it's straight and to the point and "Open for H.U.G.S!" just sounds adorable and quite obvious what the intent is.

I don't know if I should start a Facebook group or a whole dang website, or just have it be like #OpenForHUGS or #NeedSomeHUGS. Them hashtags going viral would be nice. But it's something I want to pursue further - it seems a worthy cause. We all need to band together through these critical times of need, brush off the indifference and pure hatred from the rest of the society at our various woes. We must stand together! Sort of like Nickelback said.

Yeah, I said it. I like a Nickelback song! Get at me.

Anyway, I'm always Open for H.U.G.S. And snuggles :)

- Ami <3

Photo credit: Pixabay, Public Domain

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grumpy Cat to be Voiced by Aubrey Plaza in Lifetime Movie

Of all the celebrity kitties there have ever been, Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) is easily the most well-known. She's adorable - it bugs me that people still call her a he. Well, now we can have that gender confusion silenced forever as Aubrey Plaza will be voicing our beloved Grumpy Cat in the upcoming Lifetime movie, "Worst Christmas Ever."

Wait, Lifetime movie? I thought we were getting a major motion picture? I think with how absolutely massive the Grumpy Cat meme has become, I think the budget would be there for the returns you'd get at the box office. The good news here is that if you have Lifetime, you can see it for free. I do have access to Lifetime, but I know a lot of people don't - it should be available on DVD and Blu-Ray anyway soon enough.

Anyway, who is Aubrey Plaza? I don't watch much TV, so I'm not familiar with her. It does seem that people seem very positive about her casting, however. Entertainment Weekly went as far to say: "Today in casting so perfect it's like God himself did it, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza will lend her voice to Grumpy Cat..."

That's right everyone. God is a huge fan of Lifetime movies involving frown y-faced kittens.

This is what else EW has to say about the film:

"The movie, written by Tim Hill (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and Jeff Morris (The True Memoirs of an International Assassin), follows a lonely cat (played by Grumpy Cat herself, Tardar Sauce) who becomes, well, grumpy living in a mall pet shop. That is, until a 12-year-old girl named Chrystal realizes she can talk to the feline. On Christmas Eve, Chrystal rescues her after the mall closes.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever will premiere on Lifetime Saturday, Nov. 29, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Hmm, Alvin and the Chipmunks and The True Memoirs of an International Assassin - that's quite a combination. And why do parents insist on throwing unneeded letters into their poor children's names? Crystal is a perfectly beautiful, wonderful name as it is - don't go throwing an H in there needlessly! I hate this movie already!

But I'll be watching it anyway.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, it's what Aubrey is known for that apparently makes her perfect for the role - "her dead-pan style of comedy" as her Wikipedia page puts it. I've never heard her voice before, but I'm looking forward to seeing how she plays the role. If she nails it as everyone seems to think that she will, we may have a franchise on our hands.

Finally, a Christmas special that I actually want to watch! Only because of Grumpy Cat.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons - Photo taken by Gaga Skidmore