Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Understanding and Working on Self-Awareness

When I think about what it means to work on Self-Awareness, it's about the ability to be aware how and why you make particular choices in response to certain things. As I've noted before in my introduction to the seven ideos, it’s about learning what your triggers are, and it's not necessarily learning how to prevent whatever those triggers are. The idea is to learn how to better react to certain situations or how not to react to them at all. But without simply focusing on the negative triggers, you always want to consider what you react positively to, as well. It's figuring out how to balance yourself in a way that you can have a cool approach to everything.

Tempering Your Expectations

One thing that might sound a bit odd at first is that you can actually react too positively to something. Many times in my life I have looked forward to a particular event, whether that be a new show being aired or some big new project being given to me that can net me lots of money.

Well, sometimes that show ends up being a let-down and then you react quite negatively to that disappointment. I'm fairly picky in what I watch, so my disappointment is usually kept to a minimum. But some people really get bent out of shape when their expectations are let down. Fortunately, this is an area that myself I consider that I have a strength. I tend to keep my expectations of television shows and movies to a minimum.

I will go into a film without many preconceptions, which is why I tend to avoid reviews - especially ones with spoilers - before actually viewing anything. It's not that spoilers will necessarily ruin the viewing experience for me, but then I will go into the viewing with more precise expectations than I would have otherwise. Understanding how you handle expectations is one of the first things to do when working on your self-awareness skills. Because now that I've shown you a strength, I will show you a weakness when it comes to my expectations.

Understanding Your Circumstances and Putting Them in the Correct Perspective

As I've worked in freelance writing for some time, I can tell you that many times you're going to have projects fall through for one reason or another. Truthfully, the only expectation that I have with a project is that it will pay me money. I've taken far less in rate pay oftentimes just to get work and this often leaves me feeling like I'm giving away more of myself than I should. Well, if I'm so well-aware that I'm short-changing myself, then why do I do it? Because I have long had the expectation that if I ask too much, I won't get the project. If I ask too little, people will wonder why I'm doing it so cheaply and have the same reaction.

Perhaps I should give a more concrete example. At this moment, I have a pretty big website project that I will be helping someone complete. It's moving an entire website from one platform to another, the latter which the client of mine is more familiar with. But my client is completely redoing his client's website and needs it to be in this other platform because it's what he's more familiar with. This works for me because I'm also well-versed in the platform that the site is being moved into. I have expectations of how easily I can transfer the content and how long that will take me. I have a certain idea how much I will be compensated for that and can adjust any other work that I do accordingly to give myself the most flexibility in completing this rather large project.

But when this project will start I am not entirely certain. The problem is that there's been a serious lull in work for me lately, which is part of the reason why I've been so into personal blogging, something that I dabble in from time to time but not on the full-time basis in which I suddenly have found myself participating. I'm well-aware that I'm afraid of the entire project suddenly evaporating - a fear that I'm not proud to admit that I have. But I have had plenty of past experiences where work was offered and I either mulled over it too long or I didn't really offer much enthusiasm and lost the work. But this isn't that. I'm very enthusiastic because this is going to be relatively easy work for me - it's just going to be extremely time-consuming. As you'll learn in freelance, though, as I work for an hourly rate most of the time and not a flat rate - the more time-consuming the better.

At least I am aware of how I am handling a particular situation. Obviously I should not be banking on this one opportunity, but pickings are so slim right now, as this tends to be the slow season for freelance content work until the holiday season really picks up. You would think there was more call for Halloween content, actually. But of course, the holidays I'm talking about are the ones where you buy a lot of presents that no one really wants anyway. Perhaps I should have made self-control part of the ideos, but Self-Awareness I think can serve as an umbrella for that concept.

Being Aware When Things Are Getting Off-Track

OK, now I've really gotten off-track. See, even I have to work on self-expression! But see, I'm also aware that I get distracted and off-topic from time to time. Was it really that off-topic? Perhaps not. I'm aware of how important a project is to me based on when it is being offered. The other work available to me right now is not all that lucrative to the point that I'm shunning the few measly dollars I'd earn in order to produce this series. I've had a lot of "failed" projects, too, recently. You don't always win and how you deal with failure is going to be discussed a lot when we get to Self-Forgiveness - that's going to be quite a doozy to talk about! That's the one I'm most aware of needing the help on.

So sorry for being a bit scatter-brained about Self-Awareness today, but as you can see, I'm aware of a lot of my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to my understanding of how things affect me. My meanderings around this article were not intentional but are being left intact to demonstrate that I myself have a long way to go in better learning how to self-express - something I claim I'm super good at. But if I meander that much, well I guess a bit more focus is in order!

I really meant to focus on the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of decision making and how aware you are of these things. How have you made some decisions today? Have they been more from the heart or your head? Or did you do something just because you needed a lift?

Trust me, every day, I need to write to satisfy all three. At least I'm strongly aware of that much!

- Ami <3

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