Saturday, September 27, 2014

Open for H.U.G.S!

Who doesn't like hugs? OK, there are some out there who don't like hugs much at all - feels that they are a violation of their personal space. Actually, hugs have been scientifically proven to be good for your well-being. But when I say I am open to H.U.G.S, I'm not just talking about physical cuddly embraces.

Recently, I've been watching a lot of my good friends and their friends struggle through some pretty awful hardships. A lot of them, obviously, are far out of the reach of my loving tender arms, so I need some way to be able to bring virtual hugs of a sort to them. As my clever head seems to do, I come up with a lot of acronyms. I don't know how it came to me, but I started thinking of the phrase Humans Undergoing Great Stresses. I think it needs a bit of refining, but let's be honest. I wouldn't have thought it up were I to think it weren't totally necessary. But it's straight and to the point and "Open for H.U.G.S!" just sounds adorable and quite obvious what the intent is.

I don't know if I should start a Facebook group or a whole dang website, or just have it be like #OpenForHUGS or #NeedSomeHUGS. Them hashtags going viral would be nice. But it's something I want to pursue further - it seems a worthy cause. We all need to band together through these critical times of need, brush off the indifference and pure hatred from the rest of the society at our various woes. We must stand together! Sort of like Nickelback said.

Yeah, I said it. I like a Nickelback song! Get at me.

Anyway, I'm always Open for H.U.G.S. And snuggles :)

- Ami <3

Photo credit: Pixabay, Public Domain

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