Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NFL Admits Mistake with Husain Abdullah Penalty

You see that thing about the Chiefs player, safety Husain Abdullah, getting a 15-yard “un-sportsman-like conduct” penalty for his prayer in the end zone? Like, what the eff? Seriously, refs? Abdullah is well known to be a devout Muslim, and he had indeed before promised that if he ever picked off a pass and returned it for a touchdown, he would “prostrate before God in the end zone.”

To be honest, the penalty probably only happened because it was a Monday Night Football game. Because you know, we don't have religious freedom in America. And the media and referees love the New England Patriots and didn’t want the almighty Pats being shown up. I’m a Patriots fan and I was perfectly okay with Abdullah keeping his promise to his Lord.

The NFL doesn't need any more controversy. He did something perfectly OK with me. It’s not like he did anything negative. The NFL didn't fine him or anything. It was an in-game "un-sportsman-like conduct" call, just a 15 yard penalty assessed on the kickoff. But it’s the very concept behind calling it. For years, you've seen players praise God after great plays. This is no different.

Actually, thankfully, the NFL did respond the right way to the incident...

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